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05/20/00 -

Under Construction -
I have been working on webpage now. Don't you worry about losing us or lost track us. We are here to stay, and serve you. Also I wish a thanks to Logic Lord to host RPG Concept as well. He deserves a credit as simply like that. :-)

New Project -
ah, I have new project as you are about to hear, it is called "Hujanity:Reniassance". What is Hujanity? It mean that It is not original alike human, but more far powerful as beyond any humans. Are you interest want have it? Ah, not yet! Of course you might know who is Lord Jonge, He is working on tile engine which is done quickly. We are still in the progress of working each tiles graph which is not done yet.

Help Wanted -
I do only have two staff which is a shortage for awhile. One of them are programmer, other is web designer. So that mean that I need more programmers. If you are interesting to join us, please email
rpgconception@aol.com to join us.