Welcome to the links section. This is where I tell you to go somewhere else because you are bothering me. Most of the stuff here are places that I have visited and they kicked ass. Some of them are links to places that you, the linkee, will have no interest in. In that scenario the best solution is to not click the link.

The Best Page in the Universe What can I say. I almost pooped myself the first time I saw this site. Absolutely hilarious, boiling over with sarcasm and colorful profanity! And on top of that, it's rather intelligent in it's own way. 9/10
The Bill Hicks Archive Thanks to Duncan for introducing me the the one man in the world more sarcastic than me. You can download mp3 clips of his comedy act at this site, and they kick ass. He was funny until he died. 9/10
Magma ROM download Great place for just about every NES ROM ever, so on the long winter nights where losers like you are doing nothing while the rest of the world is getting drunk and having sex, you can play Donkey Kong. 8/10
NeoZones Programming site. Only for dorks like me. Run by my homie Jason Jones. 9/10
G. Gordon Liddy's website The Official site for G. Gordon Liddy, infamous watergate dickhead, political commentator, conservative extraordinare, and all around wonderful guy. I put this link up here for all you wangs who want to know my real political views. 10/10
Seanbaby.com It's...hard to explain. But really fuckin funny. I give it a 10! a fuckin 10! I can't decide whether seanbaby himself is gay though. Whatever, the guy is fuckin funny... in a fucked up happy sarcastic japanese sorta glam rock kinda way. 10/10
Fat Chicks in Party Hats! Fat Chicks in party hats, with your host, Miguel Roya. Featuring a captivating array of pictures of fat chicks in party hats, each with an original caption in broken english by our mexican friend Miguel! 9/10
Ernie's House of Whoopass Ernies house of whoopass. I'm not sure just what the fuck this site is all about, and I can only imagine that 'ernie' is some PBR swilling porkfucker, but it has some funny pictures. 8/10
Ryan's Engine room. it's like, a site about making engines. Hard to explain. But it's for fellow dorks :) 8/10

If you would like to be linked to this site please email me and I will visit it, rate it, and put it up. For $50. Now go to hell.