About Me

 The About Me page. Heart and soul of a web site. Where the webmaster expresses information on his personal life. Please, if you use this page as a form of suicide, be sure to cover up the evidence. I don't want any lawsuits on my hands. Now let the About Me rants begin!

Well, I was born on September 28, 1985. But that kinda information extremely boring, so let's skip to the climax of my life. So, let's blast off to the first day I was on the Internet. It was '95, if I remember correctly. I was at my uncle's house, he was the first guy in my family to get Internet access, so at the time, I treated him like a god. Well, anyway, the first site I blasted off to was (hold the laughs) and then, the great features of the Internet hit me at the speed of an OC3 line. The slow transfer speeds, abuse from lamers, porno. It all came to me. And that's when my life changed. A year later, in '96, I got Internet access of my own. I spent hours a day surfing day 'net (who wouldn't)? After about a year on the Internet I remember good ol' Qbasic which I had programmed in during the past. So I did a search and BOOM. Up comes I quickly learned of the big community I was missing out on all these years. was also one of my first visits which I thought was the best QB site. Okay, that was fun, now let's get some facts.


Name: Eli "Wooden" Block (aka DigitalDude)
Birthday: Annual
Age: 14 (Mental Age: 7)
Interests: Programming, Internet, Star Trek/Wars, IRC, and chewing on pencils
Favorite Music: Anything but rap, classical, and hip hop
Eye Color: Variable
Favorite Food: TV Dinners and chowder